A cartoony character who is happy to see every single person in the tent!

You can’t only act “crazy”. It’s about feeling the emotions from the audience, to experience the moment together.
To touch the audience with a laugh or a tear, you must be concious of the people around you.

With his comic face expressions and flexible body, Kevinski tries to take the audience on a clownish journey in his acts. He will enter the ring with high energy to welcome every person.

A warming up wich will make you laugh and applaude, but also his solo acts where you can sit and enjoy, or what about his interactive act where you can play and have fun with Kevinski!

Pictures by: Eye of the wolf Photograpy, Martijn Hendriks and Cinderella Wemmers Photography.
Video: filmed during the shows by staff, Cinderella Wemmers Photography and the audience.

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