Stage/ Varieté: 45 min.

Silent but expressive Kevinski journeys the globe, traveling from city to city showing the endless possibilities of his experienced highlights of his travels.

Kevin himself loves to explore the countries, the cultures and the different human beings during his travels.

Inspired by the style of Chaplin, Keaton, Laurel and Hardy, silent movies and cartoons, Kevin created his own individual style, where

(Panto)mime, slapstick, dance and comedy are combined.

With his own creating art he invites you onto his hilarious adventure.

On his journey to America, Kevinski will land in many different countries and discovers their special particularities.
Meet kevinski for example as a Ballerino in a tutu in Russia or meet him in France, where the love literally takes the audience on adventure.

Travel together with him and explore, participate, feel or see if he arrives to his goal.

Kevinski would love to share his world, his journey with you.

Bon voyage !