Kevin Gorczyński about Kevinski.

At the age of 10, the young innocent me went for the first time with his mom to circus- and theatershows. My eyes were shining and all the joy and magic caused in me the feeling of happiness. During every show I forgot all my problems and negative feelings. As you can imagine, I liked it very much. When I saw a clown at Cirque du soleil, I watched the audience and people laughed so intensively loud. I recognized how funny it was for me. It´s not only the fun, it is also the feeling that is created in each one of them. The way how the audience gets into the story and follows the artist and feels together with him when he is sad…. or happy!

Think of Charlie Chaplin, Marcel Marceau, Laurel and Hardy, Buster Keaton and what they did. I knew immediately: I want to do the same. I want to give the audience the same feeling. I want to take them out of the daily routine and welcome them in my creative world! I started to practice and train almost everyday. I started as an autodidact mime and did first little performances. I created and performed even in the live shows of ´´Holland´s Got Talent´´, where I arrived in the semi finals. To understand movement better and better, I studied at the dance academy and graduated. Additionally I went to several courses in Europe at the international school of acting and creativity and at a mime center.

During this time I performed in shows, tv, theme parks, different projects and theaters and worked with several companies. I’ve received several awards like the Young person of the year award and won the European championship in the martial arts sport Nunchaku’s.

I love to learn, meet people, enjoy life, perform and travel the world, which is why I even went to Brisbane in Australia to train physical movement.

In 2015 I reached a big milestone of my hard work:
I got accepted for the database of Cirque du Soleil.

Inspired from my life, my experience and travelling and performing I created a show called “Kevinski´s Journey“.

Also I created unique acts with exciting, funny, mindblowing and even poetic pieces to reach and even touch the audience in every way.

Rewarded as the most favorite top 3 acts by the audience at the Christmas Circus Haarlem 2019/2020.

I welcome you to the world of Kevinski!

Kevin Gorczyński


Making the invisible visibly funny.

Showing something even when there is nothing.

The pantomime.
But also the hidden comedy is meant with this.
The clown.
Called: Kevinski.